Is This 10,000 Bottles Guy A Hero or Moron?



One of the best things about growing up/living in Michigan was the deposit on cans and bottles. As kids we’d grab them wherever we found them, and in college it made parties a profitable enterprise. You have a BYOB party, and collect the cans the next day you could buy two cases of beer and a few pizzas, it was great.

Before they brought these machines in to scan barcodes, you could take any bottle in from anywhere and get ten cents for it, I know, I know, I’m cheap. When I got to Oregon where its five cents, it’s not even worth taking them to returns even when you have to go to the store.

Anyway, this genius in Michigan, Brian Everidge, just got busted with a truck full of empties and admits what he was doing. I have gone back and forth on this one, if this guy was onto something. I mean you don’t always want to mimic Kramer and Newman when it comes to schemes, but this seemed like a harmless one. However, what brought this guy down was flat out stupidity.

Dude if you have a van full of bottles you plan to illegally return, you gotta drive the speed limit! He got pulled over for doing 72 mph when the speed limit for the vehicle he was driving is 60 mph. Let’s ignore the fact these bottles most likely would not have scanned, or the fact he was probably going to roll up to Meijer and try to return them all at once, or that there is no way his time and costs could be recouped. Carrying 10,000 illegal bottles is like carrying 2,000 kilos of cocaine man, you gotta do the speed limit at least. Better luck next time though, because you know he will try it again.


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