RIP Janet Reno

I saw the news Janet Reno passed away yesterday. The first thing that popped into my head was how great, and underrated, Will Ferrell’s impression of her was on SNL because that’s what I grew up with. Ferrell would play her in sketches where it was a straight impression, with a humorous twist of course, but nothing best “Janet Reno’s Dance Party.” If you’ve never seen it, you’re missing out.

However, the best part was when she got in on the joke (poor quality) and joined the sketch. Ferrell is just loving it, almost breaking character. It was a refreshing move from someone who came off as rigid, no-nonsense, and pretty much everything Ferrell based his impression on. It was still great, and humanized her well. A friend of mine and I still use a line from the sketch with Rudy Giuliani:

After “Reno” hits Giuliani (the real one) below the belt

Giuliani: “Oh! You fight dirty!”

‘Reno’: “Then how comes my conscious is so clean?!”

RIP Janet Reno.

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