Better One-Handed Catch From Last Night: Jimmy Graham or Randy Moss?

This is a tough call. I said when Jimmy Graham got traded to the Seahawks, that if he gets his career back on track he is scary dominate. Gronkowski is bigger, but Graham can be unreal at times, and he showed that last night. Russell Wilson had the pocket collapsing, tosses it up to Graham, who is having his left arm held by the DB, and is running at almost full tilt. So not only will he have to make an incredible catch, he will have to adjust his feet to stay in, and he does it all. Absolute stud.

Then we have Randy Moss, who dare I say is underrated? I mean he gets his due, but if he had less off-field issues he would be talked about a bit more. While doing pre-game coverage for ESPN, they decided they had to do a gimmicky activity. When in Seattle you have to toss a fish! Randy had to be thinking “What’s this honky BS?” But while lesser former pros watch, he snags a slimy, slippery, greasy fish, one-handed, with a look on his face like “Who the Hell did you think you had out here?!” No gloves either, hope Odell Beckham saw that, Randy don’t need no damn gloves!

This is a tough one. Greatness on the field, and former greatness proving those hands are still HOF quality. Nostalgia has me leaning toward Randy on this one though.

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