Back-to-Back Awfulness, Kinda

Dropping two games in a row sucks. Dropping two games in a row at home sucks more. Dropping two games in a row, at home, while being shutout twice really sucks. Dropping two games in a row, at home, while being shutout, with the second one being to a division rival sucks so damn hard. However, in reality, its the fourth loss in a row, which is off the Sucks Meter (ok done with that).

However, the Oilers are cruising right now. Cam Talbot came in at 6-1-0 so far this season. Connor McDavid is on a tear, leading the league with 12 points in eight games played, so for this to be a one-goal game the whole way was pretty damn good. Now for the not so good parts, it was a one-goal game for just under half the game and the Canucks couldn’t tie it.

Once again the top line was ineffective. Once again the second line created the chances. And once again Miller held them into a game they didn’t deserve to be in. Of course a lot of blame and attention is falling on Loui Eriksson who has yet to score on an opponent’s net this season. A lot of this is justified, but a lot of it is also blaming the new guy for something that’s been going on for awhile.

In The Provies, Jason Botchford commends the Sedins for always sticking around for post-game comments, even though some players hide from the media. Then goes on to put Henrik’s comments under his category of “BEST SPIN.” So they’re good for sticking around and peddling BS? I mean I feel at this point I can fill in for the Sedins in post-game media chats after a loss: “We need to play better,” “We need to play a full 60 minutes,” “Our line didn’t give up any goals.” That last one is my favourite. Good for you Hank, it’d be even better if you were a defense pairing and not a line making up 27% of this team’s salary.

One consistent thing about the Canucks coaching staff and front office is the inconsistency. They’ll let Eriksson go eight games without a goal and stand pat, while Jake Virtanen seems to have new linemates every shift and Bo Horvat starts the season on the fourth line. Willie praises Stecher two games into his NHL career, yet Virtanen, who does everything right in the offseason, gets buried behind Jack Skille. I don’t get drafting a guy at number six overall then jerking him around and seemingly doing everything to get him to fail. One things I definitely agree with Botchford on is how does Jake Virtanen have to earn everything, and then when he does, he still gets buried behind guys who are playing worse than him?

The road ahead doesn’t look to get much easier either. After the Capitals tonight, who have less points than the Canucks but who I am sure will look like world beaters, comes an East Coast road trip. They will face the likes of Montreal (15P, 8GP), Ottawa (already lost to), and Toronto in a four day span. Followed up by a struggling Islanders team (6P , 8GP) and the Rangers (10P, 8GP), and the Red Wings (12P, 8GP). Some of these should be easy, however, I’m not sure which Canucks team will show up.

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