Holy Icing


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One of the most boring games I have ever watched in my life. It seriously almost put me to sleep, and I didn’t even watch it live at 3 am local time. About a million icings and and hardly any penalties called, so special teams weren’t even a factor in this one. I don’t blame the fans for being silent, or starting the wave midway through the third period. What else were they supposed to do? The Canucks looked, and played like, they didn’t want to be there.

This was the team the pundits saw when they predicted a last place finish for them before the season. A “top-line” that’s not very interested in effort, a defence who can only ice the puck, and overall performance that makes a goalie with an .883 SV% look like a Vezina candidate.

If the “top-line” wants to be called that, and actually earn the $20m in total that they do, they might want to look interested in playing. But why would two-thirds of it care? For the last five years they’ve been able to do one good thing, and three awful things and never face the music. They’ve combined for nine points in seven games and a whopping minus-7.¬†Henrik had a golden opportunity to get his team back into a game after an amazing pass, and decides one more pass was needed to make the play perfect. No guarantee of a goal, but it’s the thought process that drives me nuts. It’s the third. You’re down by two. You’re given a gift. SHOOT IT!

I’m sick of hearing the World Cup excuse as well. A lot of players played in the World Cup, which was in Canada, so not like they had to travel halfway around the world for it. The one good thing coming out of all this are the classic Sedin excuses, which Jason Botchford highlighted perfectly in The Provies. Apparently no one has played as many games as the Canucks, and then question the coach. In all these years what has been the constant here? But hey, lets¬†blame the number of games played, in October nonetheless.

I had an entire page of notes from watching this game, but it ended like the Canucks started it, with not even a whimper. Therefore this game does not deserve time for a breakdown, as the Canucks were not in it from the start. If Henrik wants to hint at he and his brother not getting more ice time, then maybe he should take the chances when he gets them. After all they got all the offensive zone face-offs and came out with a minus-1.

The bottom two lines consistently out played the “top-line” and it was just through sheer effort and energy. They played like they wanted to make something happen and were down 1-0 and 2-0. Hansen continues to play like a man possessed and once again the goalie was hung out to dry. Ryan Miller played as well as he could, and had a much tougher time than the “Vezina-caliber” Craig Anderson had.

I’m not ranting because the Canucks lost. I’m ranting because of how they lost and the piss-poor excuses they’re making so early in the season. Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Minnesota, St. Louis, Chicago, San Jose, and Anaheim have played the same amount of games, and Calgary has played one more than all of those. Yes, I know they have to travel more than any other team, but did this team just move or has that always been the case? Fatigue is not an excuse seven games into the season, but apparently it is for the captain.

Once again poor on-ice leadership is rearing its ugly head, and as always, its getting a pass. Must be Loui Eriksson’s fault, or Philip Larsen, he’s a great scapegoat! Oh is it too early to turn on the young guys? Jake Virtanen is used to getting blamed for an entire team’s shortcomings. Why hasn’t Bo Horvat scored 10 goals yet?! Clearly it’s the fault of the lowest paid, least experienced players. Let’s ignore the constant and keep blaming the variables, its worked out great so far.

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