Beggars Shouldn’t Be Choosers

Whelp its over, cancel the season. What’s the point of playing it out with 82-0 off the table? In all seriousness though, if you told me the Canucks started the season 4-0-1 I might have a tough time believing it. While I think they should have won this one, beggars should not be choosers, and its nice to get a point with the first loss.

The Power Play finally showed up…kinda. While they went 2 for 6, they also allowed LA to dominate the start of the second period and score a shorthanded goal. At times it looked as sloppy and disorganised as ever. Philip Larsen finally got involved, grabbing two assists, but along with the Sedins, was one of the only Canucks at a minus-2.

Jacob Markstrom looked fairly sharp, but was hung out to dry a few times. His defence stepped up rather well, blocking almost three times as many shots as the Kings (21 to 8, respectively) and once again they were out shot (31 to 25, respectively). All in all this could have been an easy when, considering the shorthanded goal given up and the Canucks had twice as many PPs.

This was also yet another comeback, as they went down 3-0 and fought back to force overtime. A quick side note, how great is a tying goal with an empty net? Overtime brought some close calls by both teams, but a Shootout was needed to settle it. I’m not sure why Willie threw Alex Burrows out there. Maybe it was a confidence thing, but I would have liked to see Brendan Gaunce or Bo Horvat get a shot.

Anyway, as I said before, comebacks aren’t a strategy, and the Canucks maintained only having one game this season where they’ve actually led. This has to change, which Hank acknowledged but with the same old, tired line. Frankly, I am getting very tired of hearing that, which seems like the last five years.

I’ve bit my tongue a lot in regards to the Sedins, but I’m getting sick of hearing the same excuses for when this team comes up short. It’s like a broken record. Sentimentality is great, but when you have yet to win a Stanley Cup, its a detriment. I think staring down double-digit retired jerseys in the very near future and not one Stanley Cup banner needs to be taken seriously. I don’t think they should trade them, or strip Henrik of the ‘C’ but, and sorry for the cliche, the name on the front matters more than the one on the back, and I think this franchise gets too caught up with the making sure we get the feels rather than whats best for the team, future, and locker room.*Bracing for the hate*

One more thing I have noticed is Jannik Hansen’s play in the last few games. He made an amazing pass on Markus Granlund’s goal, and has been showing a lot of energy. He also seems to be fitting in well across multiple lines, as he filled in when Derek Dorsett left with an injury. Glad to see Hansen doing so well and hope he can sustain it.

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