The Train Keeps A Rollin’


Well they’ve defied logic¬†(so far) and NHL History in their first three games. Another come-from-behind win, in OT or a Shootout. This time against a team they didn’t score against for like a hundred years, or something like that. They kept mentioning it on Sports Net, but it was 6 am and I wasn’t fully awake yet.

It being the third win in a row was satisfying enough, but this time it was over a team that went to the Western Conference Finals last season. I swear the Blues blocked about every shot the Canucks had, and looked as if they would cruise, but just could not beat Markstrom. I don’t want to take anything away from that beautiful Swede though as he played well, stopping 23 of 24 shots.

The whole game the Canucks seemed to almost be there but just could not finish, unless it was via a ‘distinct kicking motion.’ I thought the bottom lines played well again. They had a lot of energy, and were forechecking well. The top line seemed a bit lackadaisical yet again, but the second line yet again showed a lot of speed and drive.

Once again though, the Power Play was dismal. Just nothing happening at all. I felt like even when they did ¬†get a chance the move to finish was lacking anything creative. While Philip Larsen was brought in to help with that, I’m not sure we can blame everything on him. Coming off a year where they finished 27th overall in Power Play Percentage, you’d think they would want to show a strong start, but yet again the first unit looks as if they’re never played together before.

Again, I’m happy they are 3-0, and even happier they got one against a quality team like St. Louis. However, the Power Play remains 0-10, and a majority of the scoring has come from secondary sources. But its only three games into the year, and us Canucks fans definitely don’t blow things out of proportion. I’m off to get my 82-0 tattoo now.

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