M-Commerce Is Here

One of my favourite websites I use for work is EBN Online. They are a wealth of information and knowledge when it comes to technology in Logistics and Supply Chain. They look at a lot of aspects from a different point-of-view, and always seem to be on the cutting edge of whats going on in the industry from a technology perspective.

A post from a few days ago is very intriguing: Hailey Lynne McKeefry’s “M-Commerce Emerges as Critical Component to Online Sales.” Mobile commerce has been an ever increasing method for people buying. I even bought concert tickets while visiting my friend in Dublin a few months ago while we toured the Guinness Brewery. While this is a big shift to traditional sales, and even to E-Commerce, it also creates another set of things to consider.

One of those would be your website, or in this case, your mobile site. Having a great, eye-catching,  website is all the rage these days. However, one thing a lot of organisations seem to neglect is their mobile site. Mobile sites need to be more streamlined, and easier to load. They also have to be  easy to navigate. If you have a hard time finding what you want, do you stick around for it?

The best way to create a brand compliant, user-friendly mobile site is to have a stripped down version. Graphics and videos are great, but not everyone has the latest phone, capable of quickly loading those. A stripped down version of your main site, with an easy to navigate menu is the best. Here is a list of organisations who do it right from HubSpot.

It seems like a lot, but I always remember what my mother told me about an acronym they used at her job in hospital administration: the KISS Method. No not “Rock n Roll all night, and party everyday,” but rather “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Don’t over-complicate things, don’t over-think it. Think of what you’d like in a mobile site and go with that.

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