Gear I Use: Onnit and Dakine

I’ve been a fan of Onnit products for awhile now, but never ordered any. Due to their popularity a lot of times I would hit the online store and things would be out of stock. However, on my recent trip back to the US, I ordered a few things in advance and had them sent to my brother’s house.

While I got some coffee (which was excellent!) and a t-shirt, the big thing I wanted was the backpack: the Datsusara Onnit Primal Battlepack Core. I was in need of a new bag as my old one was pushing 15 years old and had the battle scars to prove it: broken zippers, stains, and a few rips.

I also needed something a bit larger. My old bag was just big enough for my laptop, and one or two extra clothes, and I needed a separate bag for my gym clothes. This bag comes with that extra room, but also a very large laundry bag (on the left in the picture), which comes in very handy for post gym walks home.

As for the rest of the bag its been great. There’s two pockets on the sideĀ and one on the lower front which have great capacity. There’s also a smaller pocket on the upper front perfect for passport, Oyster card, wallet, etc., and a top, zip pocket for sunglasses. For my needs it has enough capacity, without a million compartments and pockets.

The much smaller, Dakine bag up front is my new accessory bag. I had an older, Coleman one, which was not bad it was just absurdly large and much too big for a gym bag. While I may have gone a bit too small on this one, it saves me a ton of space as well, and I highly recommend it as its very durable.

I would definitely recommend the Onnit bag, as the hemp construction makes it extremely durable, and as I said, the capacity is great. However, I also know its not cheap, so I recommend it to people who will get daily use out of it and are looking to save space. It’s definitely ideal for people who use public transport in large cities.

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