Camping in Ireland


My friend in Dublin wanted to have a camping trip with some other friends and I could not have jumped on the chance quicker. The opportunities for camping in the London area are few and far between. So we set off on a four-day odyssey in the Irish countryside.

I got into Dublin a day earlier than one of the participants so we had some time to kill. I love Dublin, so this was a great addition to camping. While we did check out the pubs, we did a bit of a cultural trip out to Newgrange, a burial temple which is older than the pyramids. It’s a bit of a drive north of Dublin, but well worth the trip if you have the time.

After our fourth arrived we headed for the west coast of Ireland. Its a fairly quick drive from what I am used and a pleasant one. We camped in Salthill, just up the bay from Galway. We setup camp quickly and went to meet our kayaking guide on the Corrib River, which was a great idea. Although the weather was a bit rainy to start, the day turned out great. The company, Give It A Go, was great, and Duncan was an awesome guide. He also does sea-kayaking trips, as well as a variety of others.

I won’t get into the debauchery of the rest of the trip. All four of us were hanging out for the first time in about six years, so we spent a lot of time catching up, pub-hopping, and just being dirtballs. We hiked out to a small peninsula just off our campsite, which gave us some great views of Galway Bay.

It was exactly what I needed which was some relaxing time and catching up with old friends. We did all the stereotypical things (caught up on old stories and inside jokes) and made some new stories. From the sounds of it, and how fun it was, we will definitely be making this an annual event.

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