I’m Heading to Cardiff

I figured I would make the most out of working in London and experience as many games as I can while in Europe. The plan is to get to the Swedish Elite League, Deutsche Eishockey Liga, Finnish Elite League, Czech Extraliga, and the KHL. A tall order, but I think doable on weekend trips and if I plan correctly.

My first stop will be the Cardiff Devils, in the Elite Ice Hockey League, which covers a good part of the UK. Unfortunately there are no teams in the greater London area, so I will be reserved to weekend trips. Although, Scotland has several teams and I have yet to go there, so it will be a nice trip north when I do.

I have been to Cardiff once before, and loved it. Its a lot smaller than London, and the people are nicer, as you expect in a smaller city. Things are generally cheaper as well, but its actually a great city. Its located on the water, and its very easy to get around, whether by bus or walking.

I am looking forward to this kicking off my European hockey odyssey. Even though it is a preseason game, I will definitely be making it back for a regular season one. Will do a full write-up after as soon as I can, hangover pending.

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