Gear I Use: Dakine Heli Pro DLX 20L

(Dakine Heli Pro DLX 20L)

I originally purchased this backpack for snowboarding, but a couple warm winters and a move to London has put an end to that use real quick. However, this pack has come in very handy for me as I’ve had to laid an old one down after 14 years of service, and getting close on my work backpack.

My favorite thing about this pack is its simplicity; three pockets is all it has and all you need. I have been able to adapt it to travel and around town use. The fleece-lined pocket is perfect for sunglasses and/or a travel-pass. The inside pocket can fit most anything you’d need. I even took it as my only bag to Normandy for three days.

As for my use of it outdoors it has worked well in the limited experiences I’ve had with it. Its insulated well and isn’t too bulky, obviously, as its for skiing or snowboarding, so hiking with it is great. I’ve even used it on a snowmobile before and it was great.

The only way I can’t recommend this is I haven’t used it enough for the intended purpose and Dakine makes so many other amazing bags, it really comes down to your preference. I will say, this post has gotten me back on their site looking for a more urban bag for London life.

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