Gear I Use: Nike Element Half-Zip

I am not a big jogger, but I am a sucker for a good pullover. Nike makes one of the better ones I have had. They went simple with the Element and I think it was the right move. It’s light, its not over done with a ton of pockets (none actually), and it doesn’t have a design on it that looks like it should be in a modern art museum. Mine is a few years old now, but from what I can tell nothing has changed.

I would say the only design flaw is no pocket. Even a small one on the sleeve would be nice for keys or some cash, although it does not take away from the overall final product. Although, I have never jogged with this, its still perfect for it, or a day hike, or even just lounging around in slightly cool weather. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor clothing I have.

They run about £40 retail, but you can hunt down a better deal for sure. (Pro:Direct)

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