Gear I Use: Icebreaker Compression Socks


So I was able to get out and run some hills for the first time since I got to London. While Greenwich Park is lovely, and its hills are formidable, nothing beats my trails up on Mt. Hood, but thats another post all together.

I picked these up shortly before I moved, so I did not have a chance to use them on my mountain runs, but they were great for running hills here. The comfort is incredible, like every other Icebreaker sock I’ve purchased, and they were perfect for running. I was hitting a lot of tall grass, and it was early in the morning, so they ended up getting drenched. However, that is the advantage of merino wool, and they dried out quickly.

In terms of how they stack up price wise, they run about £28 through Icebreaker themselves, and that is about right in my opinion. You will find SmartWool is cheaper, but I would rather spend the extra.

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