Cool Stuff I Found

Whether it be through work, or my own interests, I come across some cool stuff every now and then, so i thought I would share it. 

Living a life free to travel where and when you want is a dream many share, including myself. The main issues always come down to how will you pay the bills? Well, with a world that’s accepting remote employees more and more, traveling in a camper and still keeping a career position is still within grasp.

There’s two types of gear for people who enjoy the Outdoors: the quality and costly kind, and the “gets the job done” kind. I am a fan of both, as you can’t afford to have all of one type or the other. Outside Magazine looks at some of the best cheaper gear on the market.

4K video is the latest video quality to hit the internet and has produced some amazing videos. One of the cooler instances its been used for has been time-lapse videos. One of the more amazing time-lapse video I have seen is one of a containership traveling along a coast or through a port. gCaptain has the latest, which shows a containership moving at night, great stuff.

Being creative is easier than it sounds. Before I got into Marketing I was one of those “Pfft I can do that job easy,” but its not easy to be creative on cue. Environment, amount of sleep, last time you ate, and a bunch of other factors go into when you can be most creative. Fast Company, one of my favourite websites, looks at 15 lessons to be creative in 2016.

I hope you enjoyed this. I will try to do more stuff like this in the future. I am big into the Outdoors, so it will be heavy on camping, hiking and those types of activities.  

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