The Outdoors


White River, Mount Hood, Oregon

While I am enjoying my time living in the London, and traveling around Europe, there are many things I miss about the Pacific Northwest, especially Oregon. I miss the people, restaurants, food carts, bars, the Trailblazers, and of course the MIGHTY Portland Timbers.

However, perhaps the number one thing I mean is being so close to the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific coast. In just over an hour I could be hiking around Mt. Hood or walking along the Oregon coast. If I left early enough I could spend three to four hours in either location, then back to Portland for some lunch. It was Heaven on earth.

As much as I miss physically being there, I miss mentally being there more. Nothing beats when you can get so far outside civilization that all you can hear is nature, if that. Several times I got to my favorite places early enough the birds weren’t even awake yet. Just the sound of silence and the breeze.

It was the perfect cure for stress, anger, or anything mental that ails you. As I previously mentioned, podcasts are a big part of my Walkabouts, but not so much on these trips. They were a perfect way of hashing things out in my head, or even out loud. Any topic I could think through, positives and negatives, rationally and logically, without any distraction.

I miss that over here in  the concrete jungle of London. Even their larger parks are over-crowded and jammed. A glorified pond passes for a lake, and I would kill for a hill, let alone a mountain. You just have to adapt and push forward. Find something new to clear your mind and get on the right track. However, when it comes time to move on again, I think I know where I am heading.

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