The Magic of the Walkabout

One of the greatest movies of my childhood was Crocodile Dundee. While I enjoyed the sequel (I mean it didn’t have Carl Winslow so how good could it have been?), I still love the original the best. It kicked off my fascination with that far off land, where I would eventually visit three times, even living there for a time. I pulled a lot from Australia and its people, but my favourite has to be the ‘Walkabout.’

For those who have no idea what I am talking about you can check out Wikipedia’s description. Like most things in Australia, its been appropriated to mean other things as well. How I came about was, when I lived in university housing and we were trolling for a good time. My friend EJ always said “Come on, lets go walkies.” After having it explained to me it was a nickname for ‘Walkabout,’ I quickly adopted the term.

For me it has since evolved into long walks in new places. At this rate, its mainly cities where I have moved to, as thats been happening a lot, but now that I am in Europe, it will be many places I am just visiting. Its a great way to learn your surroundings, see the real part of the city, and find great new places. Its also great to just clear your head. Nothing beats not having an agenda, schedule or plan, and just going with what feels right and what you want to do.


The Old Bailey, which i literally ran into when I was looking at something else.

I typically like to use that time to catch up on podcasts, or just relax and listen to some music. However, my most recent one I was sans earbuds, so just the sounds of the city. It was actually really nice change. It allowed me to think over some things, and also reflect on where I am at with my life. I also stumbled on a great Bavarian restaurant, which I would definitely not mind visiting again if I have a craving. No Yelp, TripAdvisor, or even Google, just came around a corner and there it was.


Some great Bavarian food and beer.

My point is, if you are feeling stressed, overworked, underpaid, under-laid or just needing a reset. Grab some earbuds, or not, and just wander for awhile. I would definitely bring your phone in case you need it, but don’t rely on it. Rely on yourself and what you want. Its worth at least one try.

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