Paris for Easter

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A few pictures from around Paris.

I had a four day weekend for Easter, which I think the last time that happened I was in elementary school in Petoskey, so I took full advantage of it. This was my first personal trip outside the UK since I arrived, and there was very little debate on the destination. I have a very close friend in Paris, whom I met while living in Australia, and it had been six years since we had seen each other in person. Long overdue to say the least. The cherry on top was he is from, and currently resides in Paris.

I had four full days in the French capital and loved every bit of it. I am not sure if it was because I barely speak French, (and even that is being kind, I know about eight words) or the wide avenues and boulevards, but its been my favorite European city so far. Even the touch and go weather, and the cold I picked up, could not damper the mood. The architecture and people were incredible.

It being a holiday weekend, the hours of certain places varied, however, I spent about five hours in the war museum, which for me is pure bliss. The Musee de l’Armee is the best war museum I have ever had the pleasure of going to. Everything from the very start of the French nation, and a bit before, up to modern day is represented, and of course it contains Napoleon’s tomb, which in itself is incredible.

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Some pictures for the Musee de l’Armee

I will obviously be visiting my friend again, but I will happily be doing so as I found the experience to be excellent. The metro, while a bit outdated at times, was extremely easy to use. The food was of incredible flavor, but also of incredible quality, and the variety was wide and plentiful. Like any major city some parts you want to avoid, but at no time did I feel in danger. I highly recommend visiting Paris, if not for the history and architecture, definitely for the food, people and experience.

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