So I Live In London Now

So I know its been quite awhile since my last post, and for good reason. I hate making excuses but shortly after my last post I got into negotiations about a new position with my company. Fast forward three and a half months through a lot of decision-making, and paperwork, and I have now lived in London for just over one month. Its all still sinking in really.
The job itself has been great. I have much more freedom of how I approach projects, as well as in how I execute them. Our London office is a five minute walk from London Tower Bridge, and everyday there is something new to see and experience. I went from talking the streetcar through Portland on Friday, and the next Tuesday I was on the tube heading to London Bridge Station. The other day I had to pick up some professional clothes (new office dress code is a bit more professional than PDX) and decided to walk since it was such a nice night. I walked past Buckingham Palace, at sunset. It was definitely one of those “Oh yeah, I live in f***ing London now!”
Since my arrival I have already spent two days in The Netherlands, and on my third day in Germany. I’ve stayed in four hotels, and barely used a full week’s travel pass for London due to all the international travel. While it’s been a bit daunting, its also been fun to get to know a whole segment of the company which I had previously only emailed with. I think once I get some more permanent/long-term housing in place it will be easier to handle.
My goal with this blog is to now document my travels, and experiences as I go. With my new, expanded vacation allowance (thank you UK!) I plan on seeing as much of Europe as I can. I am already booked to see a good friend in Paris over Easter, and heading to Manchester this weekend for my first ever match at the Etihad with another old friend.
A lot has already happened, and a lot more is not far off. Hopefully all these new happenings will allow me less time organising and researching posts, and speed up my turnaround times. Cheers!

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