The Soviets Had Some Crazy Ideas

The Soviets did a lot of messed up stuff, but they also did some really cool stuff as well. Fast Company highlights some of the best bus stops…yes bus stops. However, you can see above these are nuts. The Soviets were not much into expression outside of the prescribed state sponsored variety, but this looks like straight up LSD inspired stuff.
The crazier thing is where they put these. If you live in Abkhazia, which is the northwestern part of Georgia, in the 1970s chances are you’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff. You’ve probably lived through purges, Germans and Romanians invading in the 1940s, and a bunch of shortages and other hardships, then all of a sudden this insane seashell looking thing gets installed where you wait for the bus. I would have seriously thought it was a capitalist invasion.

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