EPL Club Misspells The Great One’s Name

I understand hockey is not big in the UK. There is a growing presence, which is awesome, but I have a feeling its much like the MLS is here. Its big in some places and others people could not care less. I get it. I am not one of those people from Hockey Twitter that thinks unless you know every player on every team you’re not a “real” fan (which I will get to that infuriating trend in a future post). But we live in this great age of technology where the knowledge of the world is accessible through a computer you keep in your pocket and you still can’t spell someone’s name correctly?!

Wayne Gretzky or not, how is this possible? I bet the conversation went like this:

Limey #1: “Oy James, how do you spell this Canadian bloke’s name?”

Limey #2: “I dunno Oliver, look it up!”

Limey #1: “Nah, I’ll just guess. Lets get a steak and kidney pie and a pint then!”

It takes less than five seconds to Google something! If my boss told me there was a hotshot Field Hockey player coming in from the UK and we were making a custom shirt with their name on it, I would Google their name and “Field Hockey UK” to make sure I spelled it correctly. It would take all of one minute, conversation included. So way to go Spurs, you can’t even use Google.


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