Lets Hit Vegas, in 2022

I get wanting to hammer out a schedule far in advance. You want to secure a scarce resource or a reservation at a popular restaurant, or resort even. I feel like College Football is going a little overboard with that. I recently saw how Oregon has signed on to play BYU…in 2022. That is seven years from now, seven! Ok, Oregon wants to lock down a name opponent, that is relatively close so ticket sales are assured, but a lot can happen in seven years.
Coming from the state of Michigan it would have been unheard of seven years ago for a top recruit from anywhere choosing Michigan State over the Wolverines. But in the last seven years its happened a ton. Mainly because Michigan went from Rich Rodriguez to Brady Hoke and were a non-factor for high school recruits, mainly because seven years in college football is an eternity.
Think about it, these kids start coming up on college coaches radar Freshman year of high school at the earliest. They will usually make a decision in their junior year. That is three years. I am sure they watched football when they were in elementary school and middle school, but other than memorable plays/games you think they can recall who was the best team in the Big Ten in 2008? They know who has been good over the last three to four years, and the big names (Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, etc.). Who knows what can and will happen in the next seven years to BYU.

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