Cascadia’s Push Toward Playoffs

To those of you not located in the PNW probably view MLS as a marginal league, at best. I’m not saying there aren’t fans of MLS anywhere else. I know there are other teams around the league that see amazing support and have no trouble selling tickets. I also know a lot of the sports media take great pleasure in marginalizing soccer as a sport and barely acknowledging if at all. However, in the PNW an MLS┬áis huge.

The Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps have no issue with selling tickets or getting attention. Matches between any of three sell out immediately, and if you want to buy a ticket second hand, get ready to pay for it. It also creates an amazing atmosphere.

The season started with all three teams at the top of the Western Conference standings, but its been a long season. The Timbers have fallen off the pace as of right now, currently clinging to the final playoff spot, which is an all too familiar position the last few years. Should be a wild finish to the season yet again, especially if all three teams make it.

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